About Us

It’s a fact. Learning in and through the arts prepares children for success in school and life. It’s about creativity and innovation, both of which are developed by experiences in the arts, are more and more valued  by employers. True leaders and problem solvers embody those traits. Your students should too.

An arts-rich education provides a child with the ability to look beyond facts and figures and creatively meet new challenges as they arise. Plus, the arts make learning fun, providing an environment varied and compelling enough to engage even the most reluctant learners and providing day-dreamers with a classroom as rich as their imagination.

Most of our programs take place in schools across New Jersey & Eastern Pennsylvania. Last year, 463,000 children in the region experienced a Young Audiences program. We travelled to 28 counties, presenting a total of 3,844 programs. When we’re not presenting programs in schools, we’re partnering with great places like the New Jersey State Museum and Robert Wood Johnson Hospital to offer free or low-cost programs to children, families, and communities. Check out our calendar of events for public programs.

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