Creative Beginnings Early Childhood Programs

Creative Beginnings Newark Early Childhood

Creative Beginnings© is an award-winning Professional Development program that promotes school readiness by training early childhood educators to teach innovative arts lessons to their young students.

Arts education in preschool:

  • Develops and strengthens a child’s imagination, critical thinking and problem solving skills
  • Plays a central role in motor skills and language development
  • Promotes social skills and school readiness

Every Creative Beginnings© program includes: hands-on workshops for teachers; observation of Master Teaching Artists delivering lessons to students; reflection and discussion on best practices; and development of new lessons. The curriculum is consistent with the New Jersey Department of Education Preschool Teaching and Learning Expectations.

The one-on-one support for teachers is what makes this program special.  We challenge teachers to grow more confident, explore new concepts, and try new techniques with their students.  Teachers will be able to use what they learn in this program throughout their careers, making the long-term impact immeasurable.

Teachers who work with us report:

  • Increased confidence in their teaching and use of child-centered learning
  • Clearer understanding of open-ended learning and how to engage students in rich conversation
  • A feeling of finding one’s creative voice

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