Dates to Remember


Classical Music Month

Exit 9 • Garden State Percussion Trio • Manhattan Brass Quintet • Phoenix Woodwind Quintet • Opera Works for You • Cello Fury • The Villalobos Brothers


Character Education Month

Catskill Puppet Theatre (Willow Girl and The Town That Fought Hate) • David Gonzalez (Aesop’s Bops & Mad Dog and Me:  Bullying and the Power of Kindness) • George Street Playhouse (New Kid and Austin the Unstoppable) • Washington Productions (A Seat for Rosa)


ANY Young Audiences Programs

National Hispanic Heritage Month

Alborada Spanish Dance Theatre • Alda Reuter & Peter Bogdanos (Mexico Beyond Mariachi) • David Gonzalez • Samba to Salsa •Rockcreek Steel Drum Band • Ginga Brasileira • Ologunde • The Villalobos Brothers


American Indian Heritage Month

Billy B. (The Rock-Knockin’ Native Americans) • Catskill Puppet Theatre (Hiawatha) • Rob Aptaker (Ways of the Lenape) • Thunderbird American Indian Dancers (Yah-Oh-Way)

International Drum Month Exit 9 • Garden State Percussion Trio • Ginga Brasileira • Samba to Salsa • Rockcreek Steel Drum Band • Taikoza • Ologunde • Poetry Meets Percussion


Universal Human Rights Month

Catskill Puppet Theatre (The Town That Fought Hate) • Linda Humes (A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.) • TAHIRA (Freedom Stories) • Yearning to Learn (A Seat For Rosa) • David Harrell


TAHIRA (Kwanzaa Tales) • The Seventh Principle (Share the Kwanzaa Spirit)


Arts Appreciation Month

ANY Young Audiences Program


American History Month

Anne Pasquale • Catskill Puppet Theatre (Hiawatha) • Larry Greer (The Living Abraham Lincoln) • Pat Cannon’s Foot & Fiddle Dance Company• Richard Aldorasi • RockRoots • Seth Reichgott (Appalachian Tale) •  Thunderbird American Indian Dancers • Yearning to Learn (A Seat for Rosa) • Curtis Blues

Black History Month

Charlotte Blake Alston • Gwendolyn Briley-Strand • Illstyle & Peace • Linda Humes ( A Tribute to Martin Luther King, Jr.) • The Seventh Principle • Ssuuna • TAHIRA • Yearning to Learn (A Seat for Rosa) • Hip Hop Fundamentals

Chinese New Year

Catskill Puppet Theatre (Willow Girl ) • Dance China New York • Hua Hua Zhang


Music in the Schools Month

ANY Young Audiences Music Program

National Dance Month

ANY Young Audiences Dance Program

Youth Arts Month

ANY Young Audiences Visual Arts program

St. Patrick’s Day

Darrah Carr Irish Dance • Mary Knysh (Land of Leprechaun) • Pat Cannon’s Foot & Fiddle Dance Company

Women’s History Month

Anne Pasquale • Gwendolyn Briley-Strand • Yearning to Learn

National Nutrition Month

George Street Playhouse (Austin the Unstoppable) • Jump with Jill (Note to Health)


Earth Week / ScienceMonth

Billy B. the Science Song & Dance Man • Piccirillo Sciencetellers • Junk Jam Band • Curtis Blues

Holocaust Remembrance Day

Catskill Puppet Theatre (The Town That Fought Hate)•


ANY Young Audiences Theatre, Language Arts, or Literary Arts Programs


Poetry Meets Percussion • David Zucker (Poetry in Motion)


Asian Pacific-American Heritage Month

Catskill Puppet Theatre (Willow Girl) • Dance China New York • Hua Hua Zhang • Ramya Ramnarayan • Taikoza • Hua Hua Zhang

Cinco de Mayo

Alda Reuter & Peter Bogdanos • The Villalobos Brothers

End of Year Celebration

Ball in the House • Catskill Puppet Theatre • Exit 9 • Freestyle Repertory Theatre • Ginga Brasileira • Illstyle & Peace • Pat Cannon’s Foot & Fiddle Dance Company • Rhythm Poets (Samba to Salsa) • Rockcreek Steel Drum Band • RockRoots • Taikoza • The Gizmo Guys • Tim Latta • Hip Hop Fundamentals • Villalobos Brothers • Cello Fury

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