The Emerging Artist’s Creativity Hub (EACH)


Do you love all kinds of arts? Are you interested in meeting other young people who share the same passion for the arts?  Do you want the opportunity to work with professional artists and discover new art forms?  If so, then Young Audiences has the perfect program for YOU!

The Emerging Artists Creativity Hub (EACH) is a teen arts program designed specifically for young artists, ages 13-17, who are interested and gifted in the arts.  It is intended for students to study and work in the arts far beyond the typical high school curriculum.  Our bright and dedicated young artists come from diverse backgrounds and experiences.  Each week they gather to explore multiple art forms and take creative risks in personal and collaborative art-making.  Students participating in EACH emerge better prepared to pursue the arts in college and later on in the professional world.

The goal of EACH is to help young people acquire knowledge, understanding of, and skills in the arts.  The curriculum gives students the opportunity to:

  • Create individual artworks
  • Collaborate with colleagues on group projects
  • Work with professional artists
  • Discover new artists and art forms
  • Explore and create in both the visual and performing arts
  • Experience great works of art by visiting cultural institutions, i.e. American Museum of Natural History, Grounds for Sculpture

The ten-week program is held on Saturdays from 11am-3pm  at the Arts and Interactive Multimedia Building on The College of New Jersey’s Ewing campus.

Tuition per semester: $200

How to Apply
We offer several simple ways to apply to EACH.

  1. PDF Application – Fill out and email, fax, or mail it to the email/mail address listed on the form
  2. Online Application – Fill out and submit right on our website

Questions?  Contact Adam Nicolai at or call toll-free to 866-500-9265.

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