Celebrate Black History Month with your Students!

Young Audiences Artist Spotlight:
Black History Month

Hip Hop Fundamentals

The American Civil Rights struggle is brought to students through hip hop dance

Civil Rights Movements

Hip Hop FundamentalsStudents will be inspired by this performance, which focuses on youth involvement in the American Civil Rights Movement as seen through the eyes of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. In Civil Rights Movements, the dancers of Hip Hop Fundamentals guide students through the social conditions that gave rise to the Civil Rights Movement. The program explores the heroic work necessary to end segregation and the critical role young people played in winning equal rights for millions of Americans.

Grades: 2-12
Audience Limit: none
Program Cost: $1,100 (single); $1,745 (two-in-a-row)
An additional fee of $75 for travel will be applied to each artist visit.

Note:  This program can be paired with The Principles of Hip Hop: Peace, Love, Unity and Having Fun for the younger students in your school.



Rochel Garner Coleman

History comes alive with Nat Love, an ex-slave who helped to explore and settle the west

I, Nat Love

Rochel Garner ColemanPlaying the black cowboy, Nat Love, Rochel Garner Coleman treats his audience to the life and times of this ex-slave who joined thousands of others like him to explore and settle the West. Based on stories from Love’s autobiography, this one-man show was written by Rochel and underwent development at the Langston Hughes Center for the Arts in Seattle. From Love’s birth into slavery to his walk to freedom and how he won his name, the performance recreates that special period in American history that has captivated generations ever since.

Grades: K-8
Audience Limit: 300
Program Cost: $1,045 (single); $1,580 (two-in-a-row)
An additional fee of $75 for travel will be applied to each artist visit.




Charlotte Blake Alston

Charlotte Blake Alston

Charlotte Blake Alston in Stories and Songs in the African Oral Tradition

“It was just wonderful. We have had Charlotte before and she engages the students fully! Just extremely talented and has a gift for story telling, singing, and playing instruments.”

Teacher, Sugartown Elementary



TAHIRA in Freedom Stories

“…truly awesome. …She had them singing, moving and really getting involved… We will definitely request her again., and recommend her as well.”

Librarian, Hoboken Public Library

The Seventh Principle

The Seventh Principle

The Seventh Principle in Bantaba: The Circle of Celebration

The group was amazing. It is rare to have an assembly appeal to both our youngest 3/4 yr.old group and our oldest 12/13 yr. old group at the same time. The kids enjoyed being involved and the artists were exceptional.

Assembly Committee Clerk, Plymouth Meeting Friends