Support YA Through the Jersey Giveback Guide & Generosity Generator!


The Jersey Give Back Guide is Here!

The Jersey Give-Back Guide is an annual, seasonal project of the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation. The Dodge Foundation is a private philanthropic organization that makes $11 million in grants to nonprofits throughout New Jersey each year, and they have given more than $400 million in grants over the last 40 years. They believe that everyone (that means you!) can be a philanthropist right in your own community, whether you have five bucks or $5 million to give. Every single gift makes a difference.

We are honored that the Dodge Foundation has chosen Young Audiences as a local charity partner for this year’s Jersey Give Back Guide through their Generosity Generator. The Generosity Generator device is designed to make short work of a difficult task – finding and supporting worthy organizations dedicated to making our great Garden State even greater. There’s no middleman lurking in the Generator – each organization you support will receive 100% of your donation – and it’s devilishly easy to use. Just start pushing the buttons and marvel as the Generator helps you unleash your inner philanthropist.

This Giving Tuesday, please consider making a donation to Young Audiences through the easy, inventive and fun Generosity Generator to support arts education and the work we do to inspire young people and expand their learning through the arts.

It’s time to get generous for New Jersey. Let’s go!

For more information about the Geraldine R. Dodge Foundation, please visit their website.