THE POWER OF ART – Samsel Elementary School Students Perform at YA Annual Gala on April 5th!

Percussion & Poetry Performance

Young Audiences’ Sandy Relief Arts Education Initiative is a grant program that aids schools affected by Hurricane Sandy by offering programming that focuses on the arts as a vehicle for healing and recovery and is funded through the New Jersey Recover Fund and YA’s generous donors. Twelve schools were selected for the program and students from one of the schools, Samsel Elementary School in Parlin, NJ will perform a poetry and percussion piece created with the guidance of YA artists Josh Robinson and Jacob Winterstein. These passionate 4th and 5th grade students have used their own life experiences as inspiration for creating their “rhythm poems” which they are excited to share with Dazzle guests using their homemade instruments. It’s sure to be a highlight of the evening!


“With each storm that passes and devastates still a flower thrives, still a bulb blooms, and still a rainbow finds its beauty. With Super storm Sandy our community of Sayreville, especially our students, experienced things unimaginable; but life goes on-ready or not.  With the inspiration of Young Audiences and our Poetry meets Percussion Program the artists have given our students the voice, the words and the rhythm to express themselves and make sense of it all.  Good, bad, or ugly, expression is healing and the YA program helped our students to thrive, to bloom and to find the beauty of their Super storm Sandy experience.  They discovered family, empathy, philanthropy, commonality, and most of all community.”

– Gineen M. Morosco, Samsel Elementary School, 4th Gread Special Education Teacher

Attend Dazzle: Mad Hot Ballroom II, Strictly Latin to see the wonderful work being done in our Sandy Relief Initiative Schools.  For more information and to purchase tickets go to