Young Audiences Partners With Area Schools, Empowers Students With Onsite Arts Programming


When we send our children to school, we want them to get an education. We want them to be prepared for the real world, to thrive in impactful careers, to give back to the community. We worry about reading, math, spelling. And while we do love the creativity their drawings show and the color they add to the fridge, we may worry less about the amount of arts education they are receiving.

However countless studies have shown that those traditional subjects of English or Geometry go hand-in-hand with Drama or Choir. It’s been shown that exposure to a strong arts curriculum can improve a child’s literary and math skills. It gives them an outlet and, in turn, helps them become more focused. It helps them learn empathy and community, making them better citizens.

Originally posted by Melissa Greiner, Executive Editor of Philadelphia Family Magazine on August 10. 2015

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